Our journey through India was a unique and inspiring experience for us. Getting to know India with its colorful street scenes, chaos, spirituality, different religions and the incredibly beautiful art, materials and decorations that we encountered on our journey, inspired us to start a webshop. Every year we go to India to search for beautiful and unique items.

Meanwhile, our circle of friends and acquaintances has expanded quite a bit … we know the mandalaman (who supplies us with the mandala canvases) and our (art) painter who does not speak a word of English (but somehow we end up understanding each other better every year).

We try to buy from small entrepreneurs in India as much as possible, sometimes in villages where almost no tourists come to visit. In this way we can also help the Indian population a little bit. We even became friends with our tailors who, among other things, make the harem pants and skirts for us and as of this year also clothing for children. Incredibly great!

We have brought a large part of the products on our site from India ourselves and are determined to bring a little more color and ambience to your life! The other items, which consists of mainly larger furniture and home accessories, we purchase from Otentic, an incredible company which searches for its furniture in India and refurbishes it. Really Vintage and sustainable!

We also thought it was important to give something back to India. We have found a charity foundation in the region which we visit a lot! The foundation is called Dunia Lulu and was set up by 3 Dutch women. With their knowledge they want to help children and adults with a (intellectual) disability to get an education and where possible guide them to work.

In our opinion, the Netherlands could use a little more of India and especially the colorful, authentic and ambiance which India has plenty of.

Because what is more fun than a little more color on your body, color and ambience in your home and products that make you incredibly happy!

In short: Incorporate India into your lifestyle!