Veda scented candles in jar with lid set of 3


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Set of 3 luxury veda scented candles in a gift box. A candle for each dosha, in a copper-plated metal jar with lid:
Vata – tuberose & jasmine fragrance
Pitta – Aqua oud fragrance
Kapha – sage & mint fragrance

Product specifications
3 scented Ayurvedic dosha candles
Coconut butter & soy wax
Less smoke and soot thanks to cotton wick
With natural essential oils
In luxury copper-plated metal jar with lid

Vata dosha
Enthusiastic, light and creative, with an athletic build.
Sometimes become restless or suffer from sleeping disorders.

Pitta dosha
Logical and focused, usually of medium height and muscular build.
May suffer from anger and have difficulty relaxing.

Kapha dosha
Calm, loving and understanding with an impressive build and well-defined facial features.
May have a tendency to overeat, avoid exercise and sleep excessively.

Burning a candle
The simple act of lighting a candle can bring joy and a sense of well-being. As you enjoy the delicate fragrance of this slow-burning Ayurvedic candle, we encourage you to find inner peace and tranquillity, so that your true inner light gets a chance to shine.