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Clear your home of stagnant energy and purify the space with Aromafume’s natural White Sage & Palo Santo spray. This sacred spray offers all the benefits of smudging, but without the smoke. Helps soothe and cleanse body, mind and spirit.

Grounding & protective
Clear, Woody & citrusy

Produced in: India.
Product specifications
Natural smudge spray White Sage & Palo Santo – 100 ml
Aura cleansing or room spray, air freshener
Use at home or on the go
Environmentally friendly, CFC-free, non-ozone-depleting
Without phthalates, without parabens
Reusable and recyclable bottle
Please note!
For external use only
Use in a well-ventilated area
Avoid direct contact with the eyes
Keep out of reach of children and pets
Directions for use: Spray daily in the home, office, car or yoga studio. Spray for 3-5 seconds in a smooth motion. Use regularly.

How to clean a room?
1. Set an intention, which clears the negative energy. Taking the time to create a positive intention has added value. “All energies that do not serve me (anymore) I let go of, as well as all negativity and fears that limit me. May it be so…”
2. Spray a few times in the corners and work towards the centre of the room. Swirl the aroma around the room.
3. Now that the room has been energetically cleansed, use a prayer, blessing or affirmation to set a new intention for positive energy. “May the positive energy contribute to the well-being of myself, my housemates, the Earth and all beings that live there”.
Crystal essences, demineralised water, perfume blend with essential oils, paraben-free preservative