Painting hindu god Ganesha


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Beautiful hand-painted paper with the Hindu god Ganesha. The painting of Ganesh is painted on a beautiful vintage look paper. These paintings are made by local artists in Rajasthan. It is nice to hang several paintings together.

Ganesha is in the pantheon of Hinduism the deva with the elephant head. He is the god of knowledge and wisdom, removes obstacles and is the patron saint of travellers. His vahana, vehicle, is a mouse or a rat called Mashika. Hindus pray to Ganesha before starting anything new, such as a new job or when moving house. Ganesha is the son of the god Shiva and the goddess Parvati, who actually together in Hindu cosmogony symbolise the unity of everything. Shiva stands for the subjective conscious and Parvati for the energetic material. An image of him often stands at road crossings in India, so that he can help travellers when they have to make a choice and take a new path. Ganesha is always at the beginning of something, a first impulse.

The painting includes a frame, which comes free of charge. The glass is no longer in the frame; you can have new glass put in or take out the paper and put it in another frame. But we really like them like this.

Size: 35 cm x 47 cm