Chakra Necklace ( Jade )


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Beautiful 7 Chakra pendant, the pendant includes a chain.

Chakra is Sanskrit for “wheel” and means wheel of energy. They are the energy centers in your body. Most traditions are based on 7 chakras. The chakras together form a system. This means that they affect each other and work together. Each chakra in us has specific properties and functions. The chakras are different types of consciousness. They are actually the different areas of your life. For example, the first chakra is linked to survival and the second to creativity. The third is your self-esteem and the fourth tells you about love. Chakra five is your communication, six provides insight and the seventh connects you with the higher. Chakras can therefore be felt in your body and can be read from your behavior. To influence or get to know chakras, special colors, symbols and gems are often used.

The most common colors and gemstones are:

• 1st chakra: red – red jasper

• 2nd chakra: orange – peach aventurine, carnelian, orange calcite • 3rd chakra: yellow – gold quartz, citrine, yellow agate, yellow jasper

• 4th chakra: green – rose quartz or green aventurine

• 5th chakra: blue – lapis lazuli, sodalite, blue chalcedony

• 6th chakra: indigo – amethyst, gray-blue agate

• 7th chakra: violet – rock crystal or amethyst

The photo of the chakra necklace is an example photo. The delivered stone may differ slightly from size.