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A technically advanced ultrasonic aromatherapy sprayer of essential oils. With built-in LED light in 7 colors, which can be locked to the desired color, and a switch for constant or interval mist diffusion.

Packaging: Comes in a cardboard box with user manual in English, Dutch, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

Product specifications
Ultrasonic aroma diffuser 400 ml
Power consumption: 9 W
Output: DC 24V
Working time: 6 to 8 hours
Usage area: 20-40 m2
7 colors LED cycle
Fog switch for constant or interval diffusion
Protection against water shortage

How to use
1. Open the lid
2. Insert the plug into the socket
3. Add water and essential oil
4. Start using

As for the amount of water and oil, this is what we recommend:
100ml: 3 to 5 drops
200ml: 6 to 10 drops
300ml: 9 to 12 drops
400ml: 12 to 15 drops
500ml: 15 to 20 drops

However, the amount also depends on the place in the house, the size of the room where the diffuser is located and the strength of the oil. You can add or omit oil as needed. For example, use less oil in a smaller or less ventilated room. When atomizing some essential oils that have a strong scent profile, you can use less to prevent the scent from being too overwhelming.
Place in an open area so the mist can spread freely.
Place away from equipment that is sensitive to water vapor (e.g., a TV and other electronic equipment).
Keep out of reach of children and pets.