100% Natural incense – Mantra (30 sticks)


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Mantra incense creates the ideal conditions for deep meditation.

Our own Hindi & Hindi incense is hand-rolled in India and comes in a large pack of 30 sticks.

(this is 2-2,5 times as much as a normal box)

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Are you looking for the best incense? Do you want to buy incense? At Hindi&Bindi you will always find the right incense. The incense in our assortment is natural incense. This means that we always have the very best quality. Incense in your home is definitely a must, for it gives a lovely fragrance and brings a lot of atmosphere.

Buying incense at Hindi&Bindi

All our incense is hand-rolled. Our incense is also very suitable for purifying rooms, meditation and yoga. Buying incense? Our own Hindi & Hindi incense is a large package with 30 sticks. This is 2 to 2.5 times as much as a normal box. This way you will enjoy your incense for a long time. Would you like to order incense? You can easily do so via our webshop. Before you know it, you can enjoy your natural incense. Choose Hindi & Hindi incense! Do you still have some questions about our natural incense? Then feel free to contact us, so we can help you further!