White tara


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A Tara in Buddhism is a female deity of enlightening wisdom. She has 21 different guises all called Tara in all colors of the rainbow, such as the Green Tara and the White Tara respectively the deities of motherhood and of action. In these two favorite guises, she sits on a throne of lotus and moon and when she sticks out a leg it means she is ready to act.

Tara literally means the rescuer. In Buddhism, Tara is an emanation of the bodhisattva Avalokitesvara. She arose from tears of Avalokitesvara, which flowed out of compassion for all beings. Tara is therefore above all the essence (deity) of compassion. She is the mother of the Tibetan people and is known as a pious queen or consort. According to Buddhism, one can invoke her or grab her mandala and she will come flying to help.

• Dimension 15 cm
• Material Polyresin