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Antique and handmade tapestry from the Rabari people of the Kutch district in Gujurat, India. This tapestry is decorated with beautiful patterns and stitching. The tapestry is completely handmade. This beautiful rug is a decoration for your home! Each tapestry is unique and there is not a second of them.

The Rabari people are camel herders and were a nomadic people in the past and are known for their beautiful embroidery (processed textiles with stitching, mirrors in beautiful designs). The Rabari women want to express themselves creatively in this way and continue the work of their ancestors. Every day women are busy making bridal wear such as skirts, tops, cloths, bags, etc. This traditional clothing is still worn in all Rabari villages. A colorful whole. They get the inspiration for the designs of their work from mythology and the desert environment.

All products in the gypsy house come from different gypsy villages in India. Every year we travel to different parts of India and collect the most beautiful and unique products. All products are handcrafted in a traditional way and have a real authentic Indian gypsy look!