Pitta aqua oud potpourri fragrance bag


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Ayurvedic potpourri fragrance bag, ideal for refreshing a small space and removing unpleasant odors.
Place a packet or two in your car, clothes drawer, kitchen, bathroom or under the trash can bag.
Or add a few to your clothes when you store them at the end of the season.

The cooling aqua fragrance combines perfectly with the irresistibly warm and soft scent of Assam agarwood oil. Fits well with pitta dosha.

Product specifications
Pleasantly fragrant blend of spices, mineral powder and essential oils
100% natural & environmentally friendly ingredients
Odor release: 25 – 40 days
Non-toxic, safe to use
Keep away from direct sunlight to extend the life of this product

How to use
Remove the pouch from the clear outer packaging and hang from a doorknob, car mirror or closet rail.

Characteristics of pitta dosha
Logical and focused, usually of medium height and muscular build.
May suffer from tantrums and have difficulty relaxing.