Mala rose quartz


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Mala rose quartz with 108 beads of rose quartz, amazonite and rhodonite, with lotus charm.
Also suitable as a mala for counting mantras. Comes in a cotton gift bag.

Rose Quartz acts on the heart chakra and promotes the ability to give and receive love. The stone harmonizes relationships and promotes love and acceptance towards yourself.

Amazonite is a powerful protector against negative energy and electromagnetic radiation. Brings balance between the thinking mind and intuitive wisdom.

Rhodonite promotes love and compassion and is a powerful healer for both emotional and physical wounds. In addition, it is a good “first aid stone” that has a calming effect and helps keep a cool head during shocking or extreme events. (**)

A mala is originally a prayer necklace from Hinduism and Buddhism and is used in meditation to count mantras. A mantra is a collection of words, often from Sanskrit, which is repeated several times – traditionally 108 times. In doing so, you focus your attention on the meaning and vibration of the words, possibly combined with the corresponding visualization. By training yourself in a meditation exercise like this, your thoughts come to rest and your body starts to relax. Nowadays, a mala is also worn as a fashion accessory.