Lapis lazuli tree of life necklace


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Beautiful stone with a decorative work of the tree of life with brass. The stone comes with a chain.

Lapis lazuli is a very spiritual stone. It promotes spiritual power, spiritual skills, astral travel, enlightenment, wisdom and gives inner peace and tranquility. It helps you to be yourself and to walk your own path. The stone promotes creativity, objectivity and clarity of mind. Physically, lapis lazuli helps complaints of throat, larynx, thyroid gland and vocal chords. It has a positive effect on migraine, sleeping problems, dizziness, stress, the immune system, hearing and lowers blood pressure.

• Star sign Starsign Virgo & Sagittarius
• Material: brass nickel free
• Size of the pendant: +- 4.5×3 cm
The picture of the chakra necklace is an example picture. The delivered stone can differ slightly in size.