Kapha sage mint air freshener room spray


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Air freshener with enchanting fragrance that soothes the senses, refreshes the air and helps remove unpleasant odors. Ideal for the home, linens, car, bedroom or laundry room. Concentrated formula with natural essential oils, long lasting action.

The soft lingering scent of the room spray will subtly spread through the room Just spray a little of it and let the aroma do its work.

This earthy blend of holy sage cleanses the environment, while the cooling properties of mint leaves recharge and invigorate you. Fits best with people with kapha dosha.

Product Specifications
Ayurveda (Kapha) air freshener room spray 50 ml
Sage and mint – purifying and invigorating
Easy-to-use spray bottle with gold pump & cap
Natural essential oils & sugar cane alcohol
Non-toxic and 100% natural
Free of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)

Characteristics of kapha dosha
Calm, loving and understanding with an impressive build and well-defined facial features.
Have a tendency to overeat, avoid exercise and sleep excessively.

Contents ml: 50
Weight gram: 60