Balinese offering basket round (set of 3)


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Beautiful handmade round Balinese offering basket in a set of 3 . Super convenient to use as a storage basket for any room.
The baskets are made of bamboo and decorated by hand.

The Balinese people use these baskets to carry things and food during an offering or ceremony.

S diameter: 25 cm 11 cm high
M diameter: 30 cm 18 cm high
L diameter: 35 cm 20 cm high.

For the Hindu population of Bali, making offerings is an important part of their faith.
Every day the Balinese lay down new sacrificial baskets, the so-called ‘canang sari’, at all the places of sacrifice. It is an offering to their god Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa.
You see the offerings for example at temples, house temples, in front of stores on the sidewalk and in all the little temples at the market.
As inconvenient as such an offering basket is in the middle of the street, stepping on it is seen as disrespectful to the culture and religion.
The offerings are made to keep evil demons in good spirits and as a sign of gratitude for life.
Therefore, when someone in the family or community dies, the sacrifices are left out.
The baskets are made of palm leaves and filled with rice or cookies, incense and flowers in different colors.