Anklet chain India


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Ankle chain India

These beautiful traditional Indian anklets are a real eye-catcher!

The ankle chain India has a beautiful closure.

Material of the ankle chain: German silver, nickel free! length: 26 cm

In India you can not go around….. Every Indian woman wears ankle bracelets. A beautiful piece of jewellery to decorate your feet with. These unique anklets have a beautiful design and are really Indian.

The must have for this summer!

The Indian ankle bracelets are a must have for the summer! With one of our trendy ankle bracelets you can complete your outfit this summer. Great with slippers or a beautiful pump. Or with your bare feet in the sand, the ankle bracelets look great. Besides the traditional Indian ankle bracelets we also have crazy handmade macrame ankle bracelets.

The material of the ankle bracelets.

We have 2 different types of ankle bracelets. The gold ankle chain is made of brass. Brass is nickel free and contains no lead. The other ankle chain is made of German silver also these are nickel free.