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  • Harem pants Silky

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  • Harem pants Silky

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Harem pants for women from Hindi & Bindi

The above Harem pants for women  are made from traditional cotton fabrics, gathered from different areas of India and Thailand. The cotton is also picked in India. All the Harem pants for women in our webshop are therefore unique. In addition to Harem pants for women, you can also find harem pants for men on our website.

In various colors and sizes

These pants suit you best if you like a relaxed style that gives you a bohemian look. Because we sell Harem pants for women in all kinds of colors, sizes and designs, there will probably be a pair of harem pants that you will like. How about, for example, a pair of Harem pants for women in black?

Theses harem pants come in one size (fits sizes M to L). The length of the harem pants is 109 centimeters.

Harem pants for women made out of cotton

Our Harem pants for women are made of 100% cotton. In order to preserve the material and color as long as possible, we recommend washing the harem pants by hand in cold water. As you can see above, our harem pants have authentic details. The harem pants have two pockets, can be closed with wooden buttons and has an elastic band at the ankles and waist.

So are you looking for women’s harem pants made of 100% cotton? View our range of products and decide which color suits you best.

Harem pants for women  in black and brown

We already mentioned that we have women’s harem pants in black, but we have more colors:


Low crotch and oversized

We would like to tell you more about harem pants. Harem pants for women are cotton pants that are loose fitting and have a low crotch. Because harem pants are oversized and have a low crotch, these pants give you a lot of freedom of movement.

Relaxed and comfortable

Harem pants ensure that you can move freely without being hindered by pants that are too tight. Wearing Hindi & Bindi harem pants will make you feel relaxed and comfortable. But that’s not all: you also look relaxed and comfortable!

Back in style

Harem pants for women are back in style. The design harem pants design is inspired by the Turkish-Arab culture. That’s where the name “harem” comes from. The harem pants were designed in the 1970s and 1980s. At the time, harem pants were extremely popular. But over the years the harem pants lost their appeal. Until now!

Cool and one of a kind

Both man and woman can buy our beautiful harem pants. All our harem pants are cool and one of a kind. You are also in the right place for other women’s clothing. Let our extensive collection amaze you!

Authentic handmade products

At Hindi & Bindi you will find all kinds of different authentic handmade products. Our products are made from traditional fabrics and materials from India. But you can come to us for more products than just women’s harem pants. In the webshop you can also see other items of clothing, jewelry, fashion accessories, Ibiza Style cushions and fabric flags

Bring a touch of India into your home

With the clothing and accessories of Hindi & Bindi, including harem pants for women, you always bring a piece of India and Thailand into your home. In addition, the harem pants are also very comfortable. What more could you wish for?

Place your order now!

If you order women’s harem pants from Hindi & Bindi today, the pants will be delivered to your home within 1 to 2 working days in the Netherlands . So you don’t have to wait that long for your harem pants to arrive. Do you have a question about our range of pants? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help!